About Benchway


Inspired Style. True Craftsmanship. 

Every piece of Benchway furniture begins with an inspiration. Like new growth in the spring, many factors are in play. Modern day trends are closely monitored to ensure new introductions are exiting and relevant. Special attention in the design stage, careful selection of raw materials and the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and techniques, is the Benchway trademark.

Bench Built - Our Way 

At a time when low cost, mass produced furniture floods retail showrooms across the country, we at Benchway are committed to being the alternative. For those who appreciate the value of quality, workmanship and 100% Canadian built home furnishings, Benchway is the answer. From the initial design phase, throughout the entire manufacturing process, attention-to-detail is our #1 priority. Although committed to fine craftsmanship in everything we build, exceptional value is paramount to our success